Golleaja Jakt & Fiske Opplevelser og Luftfoto Finnmark
Driver i dag med fotografering, filming og luftfilming med drone og guidedeturer som fluefiske på sommeren og rypejakt på høsten. 
Naturen for meg er som medisin. Å bruke naturen til aktiviteter og fotografering er noe som gir meg utrolig mye glede og mange gode opplevelser.

Drone services
Jan Helmer has been working with drones since 2010. Jobs he has done with his drones is for BBC four, National Geographic, ARD "German TV", NRK, TV2 and many more. Jan Helmer Olsen lives in northern Norway, Karasjok in Finnmark. Karasjok, north of the polar circle, In terms of cold and dark time, he has very good competence with extreme low temperatures for using camera equipment. Drones who use today are DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera from DJI, DJI, Mvaic PRO 2. Other equipmen: Panasonic gh5 and atomos ninja v, Canon XF305, Sony A7Sii, Sony A7S, Sony A6500, Canon 5D Mark III, plus lots of other camera equipment. Contact me if you are wondering.
e-mail golleaja@gmail.com or at telphone +47 95104974

My last projects with the camera
Pictures from the air

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Northern Norway
Some of my aurora pictures.

The Sami 


Finnmark, northern Norway
Some of my pictures from the Sami

About me and Equipment

Jan Helmer Olsen
My passion and hobby

Laksefiske & Rypejakt i Karasjok
Northern Lights Pictures

Golleaja Jakt & Fiske Opplevelser
Only for Norwegian people

Finnmark, northern Norway
Some of my aurora pictures and movies

Some of my films can be viewed here

Jan Helmer Olsen
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Tlf +4795104974
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